Breckenridge Street Lighting Project

Breckenridge Street Lighting Project

Breckenridge Street Lighting Project ColoradoIlluminex Lighting provided a solution to retrofit the existing Town of Breckenridge’s street lighting consisting of period style Victorian post top fixtures with the appropriate yellow glow reminiscent of the time. The existing lighting was High Pressure Sodium and one of Breckenridge’s biggest concerns was keeping the Town’s unique look and feel while reducing energy, supporting core environmental consciousness and sustainability. Illuminex Lighting worked with one of its major manufacturers to produce a custom product with a special coloration specifically for this application using LED technology. In addition the Illuminex Lighting project team coordinated and secured rebate incentives through Xcel Energy to offset project costs.

Customer: Town of Breckenridge

Fixture Type: Victorian period style post top

Existing Fixture Lamping: 70w High Pressure Sodium

Replacement LED: 25w Retrofit

Rebate/Incentive Sources: Xcel Energy

Total # Of Lights Completed = 1,112
Total Energy Demand Reduction = 67.835KW
Total Annual KWHrs Saved = 297,104

Appearance = No Noticeable Difference
CRI Improvement = 218% Increase (from CRI 22 to 70)
Annual Maintenance Cost Savings = $47,633
Annual Energy Savings = $28,198
Total Rebates/Incentives = $27,133 Secured by Illuminex Lighting

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